Welcome To Trenton

Our family here at Trenton is made up of many individuals and families seeking to have a closer relationship with God. If you are searching for a closer relationship with God and a church family, we invite you to come and visit with us. We would be happy to have you worship with us.

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The Armor of God


Gospel Meeting

Lessons By Ralph Walker

Recent Sermons

  1. PlayEncouraging Growth
    Everritt Heaton
  2. PlayAtoning Grace
    Everritt Heaton
  3. PlayDo You Believe?
    Everritt Heaton
  4. PlayThe Day of the Lord
    Seth Hastings
  5. PlayPeace With God
    Everritt Heaton
  6. PlayGod's Elect
    Everritt Heaton
  7. PlayCan't Do It Alone
    Everritt Heaton
  8. PlayLiberating Grace
    Everritt Heaton
  9. PlayWhere Are the Good Samaritans?
    Everritt Heaton
  10. PlaySovereign Grace
    Everritt Heaton