Welcome To Trenton

Our family here at Trenton is made up of many individuals and families seeking to have a closer relationship with God. If you are searching for a closer relationship with God and a church family, we invite you to come and visit with us. We would be happy to have you worship with us.

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Recent Sermons

  1. PlayLove In Action
    Everritt Heaton
  2. PlayHow To Win Over Worry
    Everritt Heaton
  3. PlayGod's Special People
    Lonnie Fritz
  4. PlayRemember Lot's Wife
    Everritt Heaton
  5. PlayRuth: Seeking A Redeemer
    Everritt Heaton
  6. PlaySeeking Christ
    Everritt Heaton
  7. PlayWhat's In A Name?
    Jerad Black
  8. PlayCourageous Giving
    Everritt Heaton
  9. PlayRuth: Refuge Under His Wings
    Everritt Heaton
  10. PlayTime For God
    Everritt Heaton